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ISTECH is the major expert of specialized surface treatment in the best interest for shipyards and ship owners with regards to upgrading of stainless steel cargo tanks by means of mechanical cleaning, corrosion removal, pickling and passivation for material types such as SUS 304, 316 (L) (LN) and duplex 2205. ISTECH Metal Finish BV is a professional company, with extensive knowledge and understanding of stainless steel passivation, since 30 years our customers (mainly ship owners) are fully satisfied with the results. How to keep stainless steel in a passive condition and free of (ferrous) contamination? How to prevent corrosion? How to beat corrosion? How to restore contaminated and corroded stainless steel? No metal, except for gold and platinum in their natural state, are completely corrosion proof. But stainless steel has proven in thousands of applications, that it is one of the most economical solution's to combat the ever present elements that cause corrosion. Yet as its name implies - it is stain-less, not stain-proof.

Pickling and passivation of stainless steel

Quality objectives of stainless steel surface inspection, performance, quality control, supervision & troubleshooting: A clean and passive surface finish is crucial to corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is protected from corrosion by its passive layer - a thin, impervious, invisible, surface layer that is primarily chromium oxide. The oxygen content of the atmosphere or of aerated aqueous solutions is normally sufficient to create and maintain ("self-heal") this passive layer. Unfortunately, surface defects and imperfections introduced during manufacturing may drastically disturb this "self-healing" process and reduce resistance to several types of local corrosion. Thus, as regards hygiene and corrosion, a final cleaning process is required to restore an acceptable surface quality.

Cargo tank buffing repairs (grinding and polishing)
Pickling and passivation

Ra value 2.2? micron finish (tank buffing) + passivation  Ra value 2.2? micron finish (tank buffing) + passivation  Ra value 2.2? micron finish (tank buffing) + passivation